Visit Durham’s Heritage Coast for your next beach vacation


The Durham shoreline, sometimes referred to as England’s neglected corner, is all too frequently neglected as the Cinderella of the north-east. Yet this is as lovely a spot for a treat as any along the English coast, possibly even more so because of the sense of being ‘in the know,’ with few other tourists.

Take a trip to the Durham Coast! The hidden coast of England is home to luxury hotels and breathtaking scenery. After taking in the stirring seascapes of the Durham coast, indulge in a spa, great dining, and magnificent lodging.


On the Durham Coast, find the greatest forest walks and beach strolls.

In between indulgences, take a stroll down one of England’s lesser-known but equally magnificent stretches of shoreline, a shoreline that stands up to any of the country’s gorgeous boundaries. Durham’s seashore conjures up images of somewhere else. But where are you going? A sliver of Cornwall may be found here, while a smidgeon of Cumbria may be found there. You’ll be impressed by a beauty that masks a strange history.


Coal was king and the sight was industrial forty years ago. The mining is long gone, and a rehabilitation initiative called Turning the Tide has long since dismantled the concrete towers and spruced up and washed the beaches, a job that is now finished by the tides’ natural twice-daily washing.
The area’s magnificent beachfront strip has been transformed, revealing the allure that drew Lord Byron and novelist Lewis Carroll to stay. Blast Beach, with its golden brown sand and wind-battered bushes, is one among the most beautiful. You could be watched by a hovering kestrel.

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