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Gangtok’s 10 Best Resorts

Are you interested in staying at one of Gangtok’s top resorts? The city of Gangtok is home to a large number of unique accommodations that may provide guests with an experience they won’t forget, ranging from opulent mansions to tranquil retreats. To assist you in selecting a place to stay in Gangtok, we have compiled a list of the city’s 15 most amazing hotels and resorts. The following is a list of the most opulent and high-quality resorts in Gangtok, each of which will provide you with the highest possible level of luxury throughout your stay:

  1. Exquisite Colonial Architecture Can Be Found At The Mayfair Spa Resort And Casino

Mayfair in Gangtok has been constructed with a one-of-a-kind monastic motif that pairs very well with the Colonial architecture of the city. The remarkable design of this resort is thanks in large part to the flawless combination of elements. Mayfair has received several honors for the wonderful atmosphere and excellent service that it provides. Guests who choose to stay here may take pleasure in a serene atmosphere filled with contemporary conveniences. This resort in Gangtok is up there with the greatest of them.

  1. The Orange Village Resort, a Natural Awe-Inspiring

The Orange Village resort in Gangtok is an exquisite five-star property that offers breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. Guests who choose to stay here may take advantage of the refreshing mountain wind and a variety of natural wonders, in addition to having access to all of the necessary amenities and services. In addition to the standard resort amenities, Orange Village has a big discotheque, a curio store, and a beautiful orchid garden. This is without a doubt one of the most pleasant locations to stay in all of Gangtok.

  1. Club Mahindra Royal Demazong Gangtok – Traditional Hospitality

The Club Mahindra Resort in Gangtok is a magnificent facility that can be found about 5 kilometers from the Bagdogra International Airport. This resort is set in the foothills of the formidable Chola Ranges and provides the ideal combination of traditional Sikkimese hospitality and contemporary opulent facilities. The resort has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain range. In addition, it offers a selection of 19 rooms, all of which are equipped with private balconies, Wi-Fi, and other contemporary conveniences, so guests can rest easy throughout their stay. It is widely regarded as one of the finest resorts in Gangtok.

  1. The Summit Norling Resort and Spa, with its Breathtaking Scenery and Relaxing Spa

This stunning resort is situated near to the opening of a valley, and as a result, it offers breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape. During their vacation, visitors will be able to experience the maximum luxury and relaxation thanks to the thoughtful design of this space. Within the borders of the resort is a stunning waterfall, which helps to create an atmosphere of serenity and quiet throughout the resort. The use of bamboo grove makes the interior design particularly unique; this, together with the extensive list of contemporary services and amenities, makes Summit Norling a resort that is highly sought after in Gangtok. Do not pass up this opportunity if you like spending time away in opulent settings.

  1. Welcomheritage Denzong Regency – Cozy Stays

This mountain hideaway, which is set at a height of 6,000 feet, is considered to be one of the greatest five star resorts in Gangtok. The suites of the retreat provide breathtaking views of the city of Gangtok and its surrounding landscape. The property, which is a retreat owned by the family, covers an area of 10 acres and is spread out in that region. The rooms each have their own private balconies, which provide the ideal setting for relaxing with a cup of coffee and taking in the beauty of the natural world that surrounds the hotel. It is an excellent choice not just for families but also for honeymooners and other couples.

  1. The Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel, Known for Its Breathtaking Views

Among all of Gangtok’s finest resorts, the Summit Ttakshang Residency Hotel & Spa stands out thanks to the allure it exudes and the traditional hospitality of the Himalayas. Because of its understated elegance, it is highly popular with travelers who are searching for a somewhere to stay that is pleasant. Every suite is equipped with its own private balcony, which affords guests breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The rooms provide a warm and inviting atmosphere thanks to the vibrant décor.

  1. The Mandarin Village Resort, Where You’ll Experience Warm and Friendly Hospitality

The Kanchenjunga Range may be seen in all of its breathtaking glory from the luxurious accommodations of the Mandarin Village Resort. It lies in the buffer zone region of the well-known Bersay Rhododendron Sanctuary and is located in West Sikkim at an elevation of 1, 600 meters (5, 600 feet). It is a lovely hotel to stay in because of the kind service, the gentle music, the homey ambiance, and the delicious cuisines that are provided in the restaurant. The rooms are cozy and inviting, with a design that features muted tones and pastel hues.

  1. The Martam Village Resort, With Its Timeless Atmosphere

The Martam Village is located in Rumtek and provides guests with a nice place to stay in addition to some of the greatest panoramic views of this beautiful city. The resort has 14 different cottages, each of which is decorated and constructed in a more traditional manner. The in-house restaurant and bar at this establishment provide a gastronomic mashup that includes elements of Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines. This is one of the nicest cottage resorts in Gangtok, and it is a great option for those who are visiting on a tight budget.

  1. The Maplewood Resort, Where Magical Vacations Await You

The vacation spot of Maplewood. A stunning resort, Gangtok may be found in close proximity to NH31A. It is hemmed in on all sides by formidable mountains. The interior design is not too ornate since the primary emphasis is on the ease and convenience of the visitors. The rooms are generous in size and well stocked with contemporary conveniences and luxuries.

  1. The Saramsa Resort, Home to Magnificent Sights and Attractions

This resort can be found at Ranipool in the city of Gangtok, and it is in close proximity to the gorgeous highlands. The visitors may take in the breathtaking scenery while relaxing in the comfort of their rooms and listening to the birds singing outside their windows. The resort’s building design is certainly one of a kind due to the fact that it is a fusion of Bhutia, Lepcha, Colonial, and Nepalese architectural traditions. Teak furniture with a walnut finish adds coziness and warmth to the interiors of the building. This resort in Gangtok is up there with the greatest of them.

  1. The Elgin Nor-Khill, with its Splendid Rooms

Elgin Nor-Khill, often known in the surrounding area as house of jewels, is widely regarded as one of the most elegant and historic boutique resorts in Gangtok. The hotel is particularly proud of its big Burmese teak decor, which features everything from dragon artwork and flame emblems to hardwood flooring and panels and antique furniture in its opulently appointed guest rooms. Everyone, but notably newlywed couples, are captivated by the hotel’s friendly welcome, vintage furnishings and decor, breathtaking views of the surrounding area, and excellent comfort. This is without a doubt one of the most romantic places to stay in all of Gangtok for a honeymoon.

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