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The world’s greatest beaches : Anse Intendance

Be cautious of waves and currents like you would on any Seychelles beach. There may be a red flag on the beach warning you that swimming is unsafe, and guards may be on duty at times. It’s simple to go into the ocean if the sea is calm and the waves aren’t too high, but to be honest, we’ve only seen that once in our many visits. Anse Intendance is typically not a spot for relaxing swimming or a family outing with tiny children, but rather for adults who like to play in big waves.

Beautiful Anse Intendence in the south of Mahé is one of the Seychelles’ most impressive beaches. Despite being easily accessible by car, it is never overcrowded. Perhaps because of its wildness. Most people arrive, take photographs, and then depart. There is enough parking, and it is only a few meters to the beach from there.

Anse Intendance is the most well-known of Mahé’s beaches, and with good reason. Set in a harbor surrounded by lush tropical foliage, this half-mile strip of white coral beach exudes a tropical vibe.

While the beach appears to be unspoiled, a peek past the coconut trees reveals some of Seychelles’ most luxury lodging, including the Banyan Tree Hotel and a slew of private villas.

The water here is the type of turquoise most of us only see on postcards, as one would expect from a Seychelles beach. To complete out this lovely bay, there are some fascinating granite rocks sprinkled along the shore, which are said to be good for climbing!

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