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Things To Do In Lombok

Lombok is a tropical paradise island that is located in close proximity to Bali. However, compared to a trip to Bali, Lombok offers far more tranquility and is significantly less developed. It features beautiful, untouched beaches, as well as high mountains that are very breathtaking. Lombok was not really on the vacation radar until fairly recently, with Bali continuing to be the destination of choice for those looking for some holiday fun.

Before we get into the specifics of your Lombok itinerary, let me give you a rundown of all the sights and activities that Lombok has to offer so that you may check them off one by one when you get to paradise!

  • Travel to the Gili Islands over the course of many days (Gilli Trawangan is the party one)
  • Trekking Mount Rinjani
  • Cycling excursion
  • Beach hopping (Mawun Beach and Selong Belanak are not to be missed)
  • Lessons on riding waves
  • The Tiu Kelep Waterfall, often known as “THE BEST ONE!”
  • Sindang Gila Waterfall
  • Betara Lenjang Waterfall
  • Benang Stokel & Kelambu waterfalls

In order to get the most out of your time in Lombok, you should plan to spend at least a week there if you want to go hiking up Mount Rinjani, seek for waterfalls, go cycling, take a couple of surfing lessons, spend a day or two at the beach, and then cycle back down the mountain. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, there is no need to be in a hurry. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to stay for longer if you weren’t in such a hurry. Having said that, if you only have five days to spend in Lombok, the following is the itinerary that I would recommend for you to follow.

Now, an increasing number of individuals are considering visiting Lombok as an alternative destination, particularly those with a greater sense of adventure. Many people will be reminded of how Bali used to be before the impact of developers became more significant. Lombok is the next big thing in Indonesia since there are so many things to do there at rates that are a fraction of what they are in Bali.

What stands out most to me among the many attractions and activities available in Lombok? Mount Rinjani is the tallest peak and most active volcano on the island of Lombok. Every single one of its 3,726 meters (12,224 feet). It is just stunning.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you just have one day to spend in Lombok, it is highly recommended that you book an all-inclusive trip.

Regarding Lombok
Before I go into detail about the best way to spend your time in Lombok and all the activities that are available there, allow me to first provide you with some information about the island of Lombok that will help you have a better idea of what to anticipate when you go there.

The length of Lombok is around 70 kilometers (43 miles), and its total land area is approximately 4,514 kilometers squared, making it nearly the same size as Bali (1,743 square miles). Mataram is the biggest city on the island of Lombok and serves as the island’s capital. With a population of around 420,000 people, Mataram is also the city with the highest number of residents on the island. The Rupiah of Indonesia is the currency that is used in Lombok. A large number of currency exchange establishments can be found in and around the Senggigi tourist resort region if you need to convert dollars, euro, or pound sterling into rupiah. The currency exchange rates that are now being given in Lombok are in fact fairly competitive.

In contrast to the island of Bali, which has a mostly Hindu population, the majority of people on Lombok adhere strictly to the traditional customs of their religion and the religion of their ancestors. Despite this, alcohol is still available in rather large quantities (luckily!). In general, the majority of people on Lombok are able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia, or comprehend it. However, English is also frequently spoken.

When is the most favorable time of year to go to Lombok?

Lombok has a tropical climate that is warm and humid throughout the whole year. Temperatures vary from 21 Celsius to 32 Celsius.

Avoid traveling there during the months of November and March, when the rainy season is in effect, as is the case with most tropical destinations. I wouldn’t let the rain stop you from visiting Lombok even if you’re in Indonesia during the rainy season; it’s not a huge problem. Lombok, in contrast to Bali, does not seem to be affected by the main storms and just experiences isolated rains. If you are interested in climbing Mount Rinjani, the best time to do it according to most sources is between the middle of June and the beginning of October.

How can I go to the island of Lombok?

You may either depart from Bali by boat or by aircraft. These are your two options.

Flying from Bali to Lombok (which may cost as low as $10 or so!) is the quickest and most convenient method to get there. The majority of travelers go to Lombok by flying from Bali, however direct flights are also available to Lombok from both Tokyo and Singapore.

Ferry from Bali to Lombok: The Padang Bai Ferry Terminal in East Bali and the Lembar Ferry Terminal in Lombok are the two terminals where passengers may board the public ferry that will take them over the Lombok Strait. Ferries depart on the hour, nonstop, around the clock. The trip takes around four hours. However, in terms of cost, it is difficult to find a better deal than the around $4 that is required for a one-way ticket. The trip by speedy baot from Pedang Pai to Sengiggi (Lombok) takes thirty minutes and costs twenty dollars. Once a day, at 9 in the morning.

Lombok Packing List

Consider Lombok to be similar to the Caribbean in terms of climate, and prepare your bags for the summer (but don’t forget to bring an umbrella!). Wearing light garments made of cotton and sandals that dry quickly after a shower are ideal for Lombok, particularly if you want to go there during the wetter months when it is more likely to rain. Because Lombok is not as commercialized as some of the other islands, it is possible that you will not find in most of the stores here what you are accustomed to finding back home. Because of this, you should probably carry your own personal toiletries with you.

Where is the best place to stay in Lombok?

If you are going to Lombok as a visitor or a surfer, you will want to stay in the backpacker district of Kuta (not to be confused with Bali’s wild, party scene in Kuta), or in Senggigi, another traveler hotspot. Both of these areas are known for their abundance of affordable lodging options. Kuta, which is located on the island of Lombok, is approximately thirty minutes away from the island’s airport and is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in this area.

How Do I Get Around On Lombok?
Renting a vehicle or scooter is the finest choice you can make if you want to get out and do some sightseeing. Buses and other forms of public transportation are not very common in Lombok. You have the option of establishing your home base in Kuta and booking the tours that you desire; often, these tours will include pick-up and drop-off services. Or, as an alternative, you may buy a scooter and set yourself free.

If I want to visit Lombok, do I need a visa?

You are going to require a visa in order to enter Indonesia. But almost all visitors (99 percent) are eligible for a visa upon arrival, which means that you do not need to take any action; just arrive at the airport. You will need to pay $35 at your point of entry when you first arrive in Indonesia. Visits to family and friends, as well as other activities, are permitted throughout the visa’s 30-day period of validity.

Activities available in Lombok:


Day 0:

When you get to Lombok from Bali, take a cab to the city of Kuta, which is known as the “surfing Mecca.” (Not to be confused with Kuta, which is located on the island of Bali; this location is somewhat less hectic.) At the airport, there is a counter where you can purchase a coupon for the taxi journey to Kuta. Alternatively, you may walk outside and arrange it yourself among the enthusiastic local taxi drivers. The taxi travel from Lombok Airport to Kuta cost me just 70,000 IDR, which is equivalent to around $5.00, and it carried me there in in about 25 minutes.

Day 1: Surfing in Kuta

Whether you plan on going surfing while you’re in Kuta or not, the first thing you’ll notice when you wake up there is that the city is known all over the world for its exceptionally beautiful beaches. Lessons on how to surf and rental boards are available from the local beach guys for about ten dollars. Get comfortable. Enjoy yourself since the waves at Kuta are perfect for novice surfers.

Day 2: Senggigi’s beautiful coastlines and beaches

It’s possible that the surf lessons left your body sore, but it might also be the Bintangs you drank the night before. Anyway, I made the decision to go all the way up to Senggigi, which is the most popular tourist destination on Lombok. It is an excellent starting place for trips lasting half a day, or you may pass the time at either Senggigi Beach or Kerangdangan Beach, both of which are nearby.

You will discover a great number of restaurants with a western atmosphere as well as establishments serving fresh cuisine for lunch here. The name of this island is derived from the Sasak language, and it literally means “chili” in Sasak. You will discover the reason why when you try some of the regional food that is prepared with scrumptious fresh ingredients; in most cases, you will be provided something that is called sambal. This is a thick and fiery sauce that is produced from the chili peppers that are native to Lombok and are farmed in the rural areas of the island.

Trip to the Gilis for Snorkeling on Day 3

If you don’t have time to stay on the Gili Islands for three or four nights following your time in Lombok, then you should attempt to fit a snorkeling excursion to the islands into one of the days that you have scheduled in Lombok. Despite this, I can’t stress enough how strongly I suggest you travel to Gili T and stay there for at least a few of nights. The water is considered to be among the most beautiful in all of Indonesia. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are the three islands that make up the Gili Islands, which are a collection of three smaller islands situated close off the northwest coast of Lombok. The Gili Islands are well-known for their pristine beaches that are framed by palm trees, and their surrounding coral reefs are teaming with neon fish and other forms of marine life. Both Sengigi and Kuta provide the opportunity to organize day tours that include snorkeling at this location.

The fact that there aren’t too many spots in the world where you can swim with turtles helped to make the Gili Islands the most memorable part of my vacation for me personally.

Lombok is a place that makes it simple to appreciate the peace and quiet.

Day 4: Going in Search of Waterfalls

The settlement of Senaru is located at an elevation of 600 meters, which means that it is a bit cooler than it is down on the shore. It also offers some wonderful treks that include a couple of magnificent waterfalls along the way. Even though it is feasible to explore the waterfalls on your own, I felt that working with a guide made the experience much more convenient. First and foremost, this provided me with someone to answer my inquiries, and it also stopped other people from asking me whether I need the assistance of a guide. You won’t run out of opportunities to take images of “national geographic quality” near Senaru since the surrounding landscape is so breathtaking. Make sure you hire an experienced guide if you want to see one of the many waterfalls that are scattered over Lombok.

Day 5

It’s up to you now to show how dedicated you are to this challenge! It is highly recommended that you make your Mount Rinjani trek reservation here. But if that doesn’t work out, you can always go hang out on the Gili Islands, go back to Kuta, or stay in Senggigi and socialize with other travelers there. Because there is nothing but a laid-back atmosphere on Lombok, you should attempt to arrange some time to just do nothing!

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