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Top 5 must see beaches in Turkey

Iztuzu Beach is a beach in Iztuzu, Turkey.

Iztuzu Beach is a four-kilometer-long stretch of sand at the mouth of a river delta surrounded by mountains. When viewed from above, it seems to be an oblong peninsula surrounded by crystal blue water and breathtaking natural beauty. Iztuzu is suitable for individuals who like a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Turtle Beach is another name for Iztuzu. Loggerhead reptiles (Caretta Caretta) crawl here to deposit eggs from May through August. The turtles’ safety is constantly monitored by the beach management, thus Iztuzu is provided with measures to safeguard these species throughout the peak tourist season.

The beach infrastructure has been intended to have the least amount of environmental effect possible. Sunbeds, picnic tables, and cafés are available in Iztuzu. Vacationers are also given umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. Snorkeling is a fun activity, but heavy waves may make it difficult for underwater explorers.

From the city of Dalyan, you may reach Iztuzu by bicycle or automobile. Parking is available at the beach’s southern end, and mooring is available at its northern end. The beach is a beautiful place.


Beaches in Kabak

The pristine Turkish beach of Kabak in the Faralya region has all you need for a culturally and peacefully relaxing vacation. Every year, a rising number of tourists flock to the area.

Near Kabak Beach, there are a slew of boutique hotels and campsites with yoga facilities. In the summer, loungers, restaurants, and cafés are available on the beach for visitors. Small waterfalls may be seen in the dense forest surrounding Kabak, stunning in their clean beauty. Concentrate on the white and red stones to find them.

The sea near Kabak Bay is choppy, and the soil is littered with rocks, thus caution is advised while entering the water. Extreme trekking along the Lycian shoreline is possible in this location.

Kabak is free to visit, however everyone can donate a certain amount to help improve the beach in a box specifically set aside for this purpose.

Beach of Kleopatra

The beach of Cleopatra (See reviews here) is the most well-known on the Turkish Riviera. It was named after Egypt’s final Hellenistic Queen. According to mythology, Antony presented the Mediterranean pearl—the wealthy city of Alanya—to his lover Cleopatra as a gift. The Queen came here every time she went camping from Egypt to swim in the crystal-clear lagoon and soak up the wonderful sandy carpet. Since then, those seeking a regal holiday have been drawn to Cleopatra’s beach.

Cleopatra has maintained a beach brand that satisfies all cleanliness and safety regulations for many years. It has been awarded the Blue Flag by international experts several times.

Visitors with little children should use caution when visiting the beach area near to the historic stronghold. Underwater rocky structures and an abrupt dip in the sea define this location. Strong currents and high waves (up to 2 metres) on windy days are the second frightening element for young and novice swimmers.
The months of July through September are ideal for a trip to the Turkish coastal resorts. During this time, the air temperature climbs to + 40 °C, while the water temperature rises to + 30 °C. However, you must be ready for a significant amount of work.

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