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Portugal no longer tests vaccinated visitors

Visit Portugal has verified that fully-vaccinated residents of the United Kingdom would no longer be required to produce confirmation of a negative Covid-19 test when entering the country.
The exemption is valid after 14 days from the last vaccination; however, it expires 270 days after the last dose.

Travelers who can demonstrate that they have contracted Covid-19 during the previous 180 days are also authorized to enter the country. A negative Covid-19 test will be needed of anybody aged 12 or older who is unable to provide proof of immunization or recovery.
One of the tests that may be performed is a PCR test that should be performed 72 hours before to departure, and another test that should be performed 24 hours prior to departure.

“Today is a really significant day for tourism in Portugal, and for everyone who wants to come here!” stated Luis Arajo, head of Turismo de Portugal. “We applaud the new measures approved by the government of Portugal, which will make it easier for people from all over the world to visit our beautiful country.”
“The only documentation necessary for passengers arriving in Portugal is an electronic EU Covid-19 certificate or other recognized evidence of vaccination, such as the NHS app Covid Pass,” the statement reads.

“At airports, travellers who have received vaccinations will no longer be needed to submit a negative test!”
“Our nation has never ceased working to welcome any guest, and we have taken all necessary procedures to protect the safety of our tourists and people,” he said.

“We will remain committed to our aim of offering the finest possible tourist experience while maintaining the highest levels of safety.”

As we cautiously move towards a post-pandemic world, our country is among the European countries with the highest level of national testing and the highest percentage of vaccinated population. The Portuguese tourism industry has been in operation for several months, and we are prepared to safely welcome all visitors.

On the official website, you may learn more about the rules and regulations.


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