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Bermuda is the latest to Covid-19 regulations

In an update to the Covid-19 protocols, Bermuda has provided new travel guidelines that will streamline the process for travellers who have been vaccinated and are traveling to the island, whether by plane or boat.

The revised guidelines, which will become effective on March 7th, will seek to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors while also making the experience even more convenient for visitors.

According to Charles Jeffers, chief executive of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), “We welcome visitors from all over the world with travel guidelines that ensure their safety as well as their convenience,” and “our updated protocols will make visiting Bermuda even easier.”

In keeping with the Bermudian tradition of welcoming guests, our hotels and local businesses have opened their doors.

When it comes to visiting, there has never been a better time.

Within two days of arriving on the island, all visitors will be required to show proof of current vaccination status, along with a negative Covid-19 test result (both antigen and PCR tests will be accepted), according to Bermuda’s new regulations.

It is required that travelers provide this information on the Travellers Authorization form at least 24 to 48 hours prior to their arrival.
Having received a second dose of the vaccine within six months, or three doses of the vaccine, is considered to be up to date vaccination status.

There will be no additional testing required upon arrival.
Whenever a return test is required by the country of origin, Bermuda will automatically schedule and provide the testing to travelers.

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