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Discover the world’s most romantic cities

by Sarahitd

Several studies, including one conducted by wethrift.com, have determined that London is the most romantic city in the world. The English capital outperformed rival cities such as Paris, New York City, and Barcelona, earning a score of 76.5 out of 80.

Due to the large number of celebrity chefs opening restaurants in the United Kingdom’s capital city, it should come as no surprise that London has more romantic restaurants than any other city in the world. Our data discovered 1,909 romantic restaurants listed across the city. London has the highest concentration of romantic restaurants in the world.

There are also more couple-friendly activities to be found in London than anyplace else in the world, with 1,053 to be exact. The hashtag #londonsunset has been used 75,498 times on Instagram, demonstrating that London is an especially beautiful site to watch a sunset.

The following are the top ten most romantic cities in the world:

  • The city of London received a 76.5/80 rating for romance.
  • Paris has a 76.3.
  • Barcelona received 66.1 points,
  • Tokyo received 65.7 points,
  • New York City received 65.3 points,
  • Rome received 65.1 points,
  • Istanbul received 63.5 points.
  • Moscow has 60 points.
  • Dubai has a score of 58.2
  • Singapore has a score of 55.5.
The Top Cities in The World To Find Love 

Despite the fact that it is widely regarded as the world’s most romantic location, Paris has been beaten to the top spot by its neighboring city across the river, with the French capital coming in second with an overall score of 76.3.

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