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Icebreakers become top tourist attractions in Lapland

In recent years, the strong icebreakers have risen to become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Lapland, since only these ships, with their ultra-reinforced hulls, have been able to cut through the Baltic Sea, which is frozen during four months of the year by the Arctic cold.

Approximately 50 persons may go on a unique journey that will lead them into the frigid sea at the crack of dawn.

“Although you are not aware of any feelings, the sound of ice shattering is audible. As well as being thick, it’s also snowing “A tourist expressed himself in this way.

“It’s like a knife cutting through ice on a frozen lake. A hull that is very hard. You are in command of the helix at this position. We have the ability to change both of our propellers. It is the angle at which the propulsion is applied. ‘The greater the angle of attack, the quicker it will go,’ Frank Hammero, commander of the “Polar explorer,” revealed “…..

The more adventurous travelers may even go for a dip in the lake, although with temperatures outside reaching as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, it is not recommended that they do so without appropriate swimwear.

One’s body temperature may be maintained for many hours by wearing a survival suit that is supplied by the cruise company.

As one of the women taking part in the excursion put it, “it’s not chilly at all.” Another traveler agreed, saying he felt “like a whale.” Another tourist had the same sentiment.

The journey is not without its costs — around €255 per person for a three-hour boat — but Lapland is swiftly becoming the new winter vacation hot spot despite these expenses.

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