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Japan cut the quarantine period for business travelers

Japan will cut the quarantine period for business travelers starting on November 8. Foreign nationals who have been vaccinated and who are arriving in Japan for brief business visits, study abroad, or technical training may be subject to a three-day quarantine instead of the existing ten-day quarantine. When returning from business travels overseas, Japanese nationals will be subject to a shorter quarantine period than other nationals.

The significant adjustment in policy is projected to increase economic exchanges with other nations in the near future. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, new entry into Japan have been prohibited, leaving, for example, foreign exchange students and technical interns to be stranded in their home countries, unsure of when they would be permitted to return.

It was stated in the Nikkei that the number of quarantine days would be reduced if the employers of travelers guarantee that they will implement the essential COVID-19 procedures. Moreover, the government would tighten entrance restrictions if new varieties emerge in other nations, according to the article.

As part of the new policy, which may take effect as early as November 8, travelers will be required to quarantine for three days upon arrival and will be allowed to leave the country on the fourth day if they test negative for the virus throughout the quarantine period.

It was neither confirmed nor denied by the government’s top spokesperson, who said that Japan would continue to debate whether to loosen limitations in light of the spread of coronavirus illnesses at home and abroad, as well as progress in the vaccine rollout.

“The most important thing to remember in crisis management is to prepare for the worst,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno stated. “If we believe the situation is deteriorating, we will need to take action immediately to limit access.”

The decision comes in the wake of a number of other nations relaxing their entrance rules in recent months. Travelers visiting the United Kingdom, France, and Italy who are fully vaccinated will not be needed to quarantine upon admission, and the United States will follow a similar policy. Business organizations in Japan have been urging the government to relax its limits on foreign investment.

Source: the Nikkei (Japanese financial journal).

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