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The Low Isles Port Douglas

The Low Isles, also known as the Low Islets, are a tiny coral cay consisting of two islands situated around 25 kilometers east of Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. Sailing to Low Isles and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef will provide you with an unforgettable full-day experience of the reef. Relax on the island’s white sand beaches, go snorkeling in the blue lagoon over the gorgeous coral gardens with a marine scientist on a guided snorkel trip, and swim with turtles in their natural environment.

If you’re staying in Port Douglas, a day excursion to the Low Isles should be at the top of your list of must-do activities.
It’s impossible not to grin as you approach the Low Isles from the comfort of a luxury yacht on a beautiful bright morning.
You will never forget the sense of being “castaway on a tropical island,” when the anchor lowers into the ocean among swaying palm palms and a striking lighthouse that appears out of nowhere.

A pair of tiny islands, Low Island and Woody Island, make up the Low Isles group of islands. One is a tiny, circular island with dense tropical flora on one side and a flat, flat island on the other. A lighthouse, a small research station, and housing for the island’s caretakers are all located on the island.

Woody Island, a bigger mangrove island that is deserted, is located on the opposite side of the bay. A large number of breeding birds make their home here, which is why it is protected and prohibited.

When approaching the island, the first thing you would notice is the magnificent white lighthouse known as Low Isles Light, which stands out against the blue water. This is an operational lighthouse that was constructed in 1878.

Checking out the spectacular underwater environment is most likely why most people go to the Low Isles and, more generally, to the Great Barrier Reef.

The reef that surrounds the Low Isles is in excellent condition.. An plethora of marine life may be found among the 150 distinct varieties of hard corals.
The reef around the Low Isles is in good condition, with a large number of soft corals and a large number of fish.

While the clarity and colors surrounding the islands are not as excellent as those on the outer Barrier Reef, one of the benefits of visiting the Low Isles is the possibility of spotting sea turtles and reef sharks, which are rare on the outer Reef.

It takes less than an hour to travel to Low Island, which is a tropical Great Barrier Reef retreat on the Coral Coast, which is less than an hour from Port Douglas.

Due to the island’s remoteness, you’ll need to arrange a boat transport to get here. There are a plethora of tour booking firms in Port Douglas, however they sometimes demand exorbitant commission fees, so I recommend arranging tours online rather than in person.

Fishing, hunting, and collecting are not permitted in this protected area.

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