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12 Most Beautiful Lakes In Austria

If you’re looking for pure, blue water in Europe, go no farther than Austria’s lakes, which are set against the magnificent background of the snowcapped Alps and boast some of the clearest, bluest water you’ll find anywhere. Austria is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges. The country of Austria is home to a number of picturesque lakes that are popular with both visitors and residents.

During the hot summer months, this is especially true. As the weather heats up, lakes become popular destinations for swimming, diving, and a variety of other water activities. Many of Austria’s lakes freeze over in the winter, changing into ice and snow wonderlands that are ideal for ice skating under clear skies.

If you are planning a trip to Austria in the near future, you must pay a visit to some of Austria’s most beautiful lakes, which are nestled in the heart of nature. You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of water activities if you have a thirst for discovering adventure within you. Whether you are looking to relax and sunbathe, or preparing to hike through the stunning mountainous surroundings, With this list of the finest lakes in Austria, you’ll be able to discover the ideal vacation spot.


It is also known as the Fjord of the Alps since it is one of Austria’s biggest lakes and has the moniker Fjord of the Alps. Achensee, also known as “Tyrol’s ocean” because of its enormous size and “Fjord of the Alps” because of its excellent water quality, is one of Austria’s finest swimming lakes and is often referred to as such. Be prepared, however, since the water temperature in this lake, like many others in the Alps, remains low even on the hottest days, reaching just around 20 degrees Celsius on average.

Because of the high quality of the water, which has visibility up to 10 meters deep, it is popular with both swimming enthusiasts and scuba divers alike. Additionally, the thermal breezes that blow across the lake provide an excellent setting for windsurfing and kitesurfing activities.

The beauty and purity of the water, on the other hand, are what distinguish it as such a unique and memorable location. The Achensee may seem green or blue in color, and you can see down to a depth of up to 10 meters (30 feet) in certain places. Water sports such as sailing and windsurfing on the lake, which are particularly popular due to the windy conditions, and hiking nearby on the Bärenkopf Mountain, which provides panoramic views of the lake, are among the best ways to take in the landscape.


The Salzkammergut is a popular tourist destination in Salzburg, Austria, where visitors from all over the globe come to enjoy the lush green scenery and profusion of beautiful lakes. The Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

At 13 kilometers in length, Wolfgangsee is one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes. It is split in half by the die Enge (the Narrow) peninsula, which is located approximately midway up the lake. The lake is just 200 meters wide here, and visitors may enjoy a panoramic view of both sides as well as the beautiful Salzkammergut mountain range.

In addition to offering excellent kayaking and swimming opportunities, the lake is a popular diving location. There is a depth visibility of 10 meters in the clean waters.

Hallstatter See

Lake Hallstatt, also known as the Hallstatter See, is one of the numerous lakes that can be found in the Salzkammergut area. Located on the banks of Lake Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Austria’s oldest towns, Hallstatt has become one of the country’s most frequented lakes, in part because of the town on its shores, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lake is surrounded by mountains, providing a beautiful sanctuary in the middle of the wilderness. Hallstatt is a renowned Austrian town located on the banks of the Hallstatter See, which is known for its classic Austrian architecture and attractive sights.

Those who wish to cool off in the refreshing waters of the 21-kilometer-long Lake Hallstatt will find lots of choices for swimming and boating. Within walking distance of the town center, there is a family-friendly beach with bathing island, as well as a children’s playground and other recreational facilities.


It is located near Salzburg and provides a broad range of water activities, such as diving boards and huge slides. There is also enough opportunity for windsurfing, as well as the opportunity to canoe or hire your own electric boat to explore the surrounding area.

With its beautiful setting on the banks of Mondsee, one of Austria’s biggest privately owned lakes, it is an idyllic getaway for anyone looking to get away from the rush and bustle of daily life.

Mondsee is a rather big lake with calm blue waters, measuring 11 kilometers in length and 11 kilometers wide. For swimmers, this is also one of the hottest lakes in the area, with summer water temperatures reaching a very pleasant 27 degrees Celsius throughout the summer. A popular wedding location, this is also a great place to have a reception.

Zeller See

The Zellersee, often known as Lake Zell, is a freshwater lake located in the Austrian Alps that is relatively tiny yet breathtakingly beautiful. Because of its vastness, Zellersee freezes over in the winter, making it an excellent destination for year-round recreation. During the summer, you may go swimming, fishing, or kayaking in the lake’s crystal blue water.

There are no combustion engines allowed on the lake, but guests may hire tiny electric boats to explore and relax on the water while they are there. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing are all popular watersports in the area.


Austria’s Carinthia area has this magnificent lake, which may be found there. The Austrian nobility has been spending their summers on the Wörthersee since the nineteenth century, which has undoubtedly encouraged Austrians and tourists alike to rest on the lake’s beaches.

Wörthersee is known for having some of the warmest waters in the nation, which makes it an ideal swimming location in the summer. The tiny town of Pörtschach offers bicycle rentals for exploring the surrounding area, and there are also seasonal summer ferries that transport people across the lake to a number of other locations.

Faaker See

With its cleanest and most drinkable water, the Faaker See is often regarded as Austria’s most beautiful lake. Because of this, the water quality is exceptional, and there is excellent visibility across the whole lake, as you would expect.

To relax by the lake, swim, and soak up the sun or have a dip in this pool, you will only need to pay a nominal charge. There are events such as the annual European Bike Week, which is the biggest motorcycle rally in Europe, that the organization pays attention to. Sport fishing, as well as ice skating in the winter, are other popular pastimes.


Traunsee, in Salzburg, Austria, is the deepest lake in the country, measuring 191 meters in depth. It is a popular diving destination. The lake is a popular tourist attraction, particularly for sailing and windsurfing, because to the excellent wind conditions that it provides.

Major boat races are held here in May and June, and sailing lessons are available for anyone who want to learn how to sail or just wish to dip their toes into the sea. In addition to being well-known for its outdoor activities, this lake is also known for Lungy, an underwater monster said to reside here.


Plansee is the second-largest natural lake in Tyrol and is located near the German border. It has a surface area of 2.87 square kilometers and a depth of almost 80 meters. It is also linked to another lake by way of a canal known as the Heiterwang, which runs through it.

Water clarity is so good that you can see nearly 15 meters below the surface, making it an excellent destination for swimmers and divers….
Every year, the lake freezes over, creating a popular skating rink for locals and tourists alike. Visitors will find the lake to be an unrivaled destination for outdoor enthusiasts and a must-see destination for everyone else.

Gruner See

In the spring, when the snow melts and flows down the mountain and into the lake, the lake becomes deeper and more vivid in color. Divers will be able to view underwater bridges, trees, and even a seat when they arrive at the site.

Winter sees the lake partly dry up as water freezes and recedes, with the deepest sections reaching just one meter in depth at its deepest. Because of the lake’s tiny size and delicate ecology, it is not suitable for any sporting activity, including swimming.


The Millstatter See, located in the Carinthia region of Austria, has a steep coastline that makes it seem to be a fjord in nature. The Nock Mountains and the Drava Valley contribute to the magnificent topography, while the forested Hochgosch region to the south adds even more lush vegetation and visual appeal to the landscape. The mountains shield the lake from the chilly winter winds, allowing the water temperature to be comfortable for swimming during the warm summer months. Don’t forget to visit the nearby town of Millstatt, which is home to an incredible 11th-century abbey that has been beautifully maintained.


A popular swimming and diving spot, Weissensee has over 2,000 hours of sunlight each year and emerald-colored waters that are perfect for cliff diving. The water temperature here may reach 25 degrees Celsius in the summer, which is much higher than the temperature in other parts of Austria, even in early autumn.

In addition to being bordered by the breathtaking Gailtal Alps and having a beach area in the Stockenboi municipality, the lake’s natural beauty is unquestionably breathtaking. You may hire equipment for a variety of water activities at this location, including windsurfing, canoeing, and water biking among others.

Weissensee is as popular in the winter as it is in the warm months. However, despite its relatively enormous size (the lake is almost 12 kilometers long and little less than one kilometer broad), it freezes over on a regular basis, turning the water into an incredible skating rink. Within a few miles of the lake, you may do cross-country skiing or Alpine skiing.

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