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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Doha, Qatar

Because Doha is the capital of a desert nation, you may expect to find some beautiful, sandy beaches there. In Qatar, winter and spring are synonymous with one thing: beach time. Qatar has a coastline that stretches for more than 560 kilometers (348 miles), with magnificent beaches scattered across the country. Furthermore, several of these beaches are within easy reach of Doha, the country’s capital and largest city. However, bear in mind that women must be covered from their elbows to their knees on public beaches, which means bikinis are not allowed. Hotels and resorts, on the other hand, do not adhere to a stringent dress code requirement.

Some of Qatar’s public beaches are totally wild and undeveloped, while others have been heavily developed. Because such beaches seldom have any amenities, visitors are expected to carry everything they will need for the day. Some beaches, particularly those located near to towns and cities, are equipped with a plethora of amenities.

Qatar beaches bikini rules

Western ladies, in particular, prefer to go to the beach at 5* luxury resorts while visiting Doha beaches to sunbathe or swim in order not to get offended. The clothing code is unquestionably the most significant distinction between public and private beaches in Qatar!

Even though I don’t go to public beaches in a bikini or to sunbathe, I like going to them to birdwatch, play in the sand dunes, or just to observe another aspect of Qatari life.

Katara Beach

Katara Beach is situated in the center of Doha and is a part of Katara Village, a public art and culture complex that provides access to a variety of cultural activities. Katara Beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Whether you’re looking to unwind or participate in a variety of water sports, Katara Beach offers it all: boat rides, stand-up paddleboarding, and water skiing, all in a safe atmosphere for children and beachgoers. After spending the day relaxing on the beautiful beach, explore the nearby area for entertainment. Visit the galleries to admire the artwork, take in a performance in the theatre, or dine at one of the numerous restaurants that provide delectable food.

How to get there: Katara Beach is located inside Katara Cultural Village on the east coast between West Bay and the Pearl, within walking distance of the Katara Cultural Village.

Among the many water sports activities available at Katara Beach are boat tours, wakeboarding and banana rides as well as wind surfing, kayaking, and other activities of a similar kind. For further information and pricing, please inquire at the main gate. Katara Beach, in contrast to Qatar’s free beaches, is staffed by lifeguards and security officers.

Fuwairit Beach

Located near to Al Maroona, Fuwairit Beach is a beautiful natural gem that is worth seeing. The beach’s pure white sand and crystal clear blue seas make it a perfect getaway for everyone.
Despite the fact that it is located quite a distance from the city, Fuwairit Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Qatar. Its beautiful beach, which has white and pink sand, is well worth the trip for both residents and visitors.

Please be aware that there are no public bathrooms or dining facilities available, so please come prepared. This is the beach in Qatar where animals may be found, however it must remain unspoiled in order to preserve the local species. Please make sure you are going during turtle breeding season before you go and follow all of the rules and regulations.

Visit Fuwairit Beach in the early morning to escape the crowds, noisy vehicles, and loud music that may detract from your experience. Keep in mind that this is a remote beach in the middle of nowhere; bring your own sun protection.

Four Seasons Beach

Many of Doha’s beaches are part of a resort complex. However, several of them, such as the Four Seasons Beach, are much more opulent than many others. The opulent hotel has five swimming pools as well as a private sand beach with a hotel atmosphere. Take use of the cabanas and indulge yourself as the devoted staff attends to your every need. Even those who are not staying at the resort may take use of the shore’s attractions by purchasing a day ticket and taking advantage of the facilities.


Located on the west coast of Qatar, on the Gulf of Zekreet, 80 kilometers from Doha. Zekreet Beach is located on Qatar’s west coast, about 40 minutes from the capital Doha. One of Qatar’s most fascinating areas, Zekreet is rich of rock formations, archaeological excavations, a fort, and even an abandoned film set, making it one of the most visited areas in the country.

This beach provides seclusion, and you may discover your own little haven here. Other desert attractions in Zekreet include the Richard Serra East Meets West Sculpture, the Zekreet Fort, and the film town, which will keep you amused. It also has some impressive geological structures to explore.

If you are searching for a public beach in Doha or Qatar where you may swim, this is not the beach for you! For a long time, the water is shallow here!

Sealine Beach

It is situated on the eastern coast of Qatar, about twenty kilometers from Doha, the country’s capital. Because of its vast land area, attractive neighborhood, and well-developed infrastructure, it is considered to be one of the finest beaches in the nation.

Sealine Beach is a vast stretch of beach that is bathed by the warm, clear waves of the Persian Gulf. It is covered with snow white sand and is surrounded by water that is crystal pure. In addition to being a great place for families with children, the beach is also a great place for picnics and physical recreation. Tourists may swim in warm transparent seas without being concerned about abrupt changes in the seabed or dangerous currents, participate in water sports, or ride along the beach on a horse or a camel, among other activities. Despite the fact that this is a wild and undeveloped area, the beach is monitored by the coastal police, who keep a careful eye on the law and order.

Only a short time ago, the beach’s amenities consisted only of garbage cans, bio toilets, and a few sunshades. Tourists and locals were required to transport foldable chairs, sun shelters, food, and beverages; nevertheless, the advantage is that a decent road leads straight to the beach, across the desert.

Inland Sea

Khor Al Adaid should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in the world that they must see at least once. The beautiful sea, which is located farther south from Sealine Beach, is one of the few locations on the planet where the sea meets the sand dunes. As soon as you get there, you may relax on the most isolated beaches, go scuba diving, or just sit and watch the flamingos. There are no facilities, so be sure you pack everything you need.

How to get there: You’ll need a professional driver to take you across the sand dunes to the Inland Sea – it’ll take you 30 minutes from Sealine Beach and about two and a half hours from Doha.

Umm Bab beach

A little distance away from the hamlet of the same name, it is situated on Qatar’s west coast. Because of the beautiful palm trees that border the shoreline, the locals refer to this location as Al-Graig (“Palm Tree Beach”). The journey from Doha, Qatar’s capital, to the hamlet of Umm Bab is made possible by a new motorway; the journey takes about two hours.

The fact that this beach is so isolated and devoid of people is its primary benefit. There are no trendy hotels or contemporary resorts on Umm Bab Beach, which makes it ideal for family picnics and a quiet vacation away from the noise and bustle of the city. In addition to facilities such as toilets, showers, and changing booths, there are restrooms, playgrounds, and sports fields.

A children’s play area and toilet facilities are provided, making it an excellent option for camping and extended visits. A shallow, tranquil water with a flat, sand-covered bottom characterizes this location. Water attractions, horseback riding, and camel riding, as well as extreme dunes racing on quads and SUVs, are some of the activities available.

Directions to the location: Umm Bab is regarded to be a fantastic day trip location since it is just a little more than an hour’s drive from the Qatari capital.

Maroona beach

located in the north-eastern region of Qatar, about 80 kilometers from the capital city of Doha. Maroona Beach, also known as French Beach, is a tiny, intimate location that is wild and natural. There are no luxurious hotels or obnoxious eateries in this area. Just before Fuwairit Beach, in the northeastern part of Qatar, lies a beach paradise with golden sand and beautiful blue seas. Al Maroona is one of Qatar’s most popular beaches, and it’s a great place to spend the day relaxing by the water.

Because there is no shade, it is essential to take precautions with umbrellas and sunscreens. Aside from chairs and tables and barbeque equipment (if they want to have a picnic), tourists need also bring a supply of food and drinking water since there are no cafés or stores in the immediate vicinity.

How to get there: It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Al Shamal Road to travel from Doha to Al Maroona.

Al Thakira Beach

This beach is located about 7 kilometers north of Al Khor, Qatar’s second city. This public beach is ideal if you’re seeking for a beach experience that’s less about sunbathing and more about being in the natural environment. Al Thakira Beach, situated less than an hour’s drive north of Doha and home to one of Qatar’s biggest mangrove reserves, is a popular tourist destination. Locals come here to bird-watch, fish, and kayak through the mangroves, which are well-known for their abundance of wildlife.

It is an excellent location for kayaking, and there are many businesses that provide excellent stand-up paddle boarding experiences at this beach. There are no bathrooms on this beach, and the water is not suitable for swimming.

Simaisma Beach

Simaisma beach serves as a kind of gathering place for the locals. The beach extends out from a natural jetty, follows the curve of the land, and borders a tiny clump of mangroves. There is a tiny hill with a derelict structure on the southern end of the property that provides a beautiful silhouette at sunset and provides a wonderful picture opportunity.

Simaisma Beach is an oceanfront paradise with 52 villas and a spa. It is a luxury private getaway with a beachfront location. As a guest of the Murwab resort, you’ll have access to the protected beach, year-round outdoor pool and grill, as well as watersports and other recreational activities on the sea. A Six Senses Spa is also available at the resort, where guests may indulge in a variety of specialty massages, facials, and regionally inspired treatments and beauty services.

Restrooms, showers, a little amount of shade, beach soccer, beach volleyball, a mosque, and parking are all available. The majority of the area is surrounded by fence. Because there are just a few restrooms available, plan ahead of time. It is recommended that you bring your own toilet paper and to use it at your own risk.

Al Wakrah Beach

An old fishing and pearling hamlet that has grown into a busy small town, Al Wakrah is located 10 kilometers south of Doha, with the beach about 15 kilometers southeast of the town center.

Al Wakrah is a small town 25 minutes south of Doha that offers a public beach for families. Mangroves are abundant in this region, making it a fascinating location to stroll about and see the many species of tiny fish and animals. Al Wakrah offers a plethora of stores and eateries where you may have some refreshments.

Despite this, the stroll to the beach is enjoyable and relaxing. In reality, you may discover that it takes longer than anticipated owing to the huge pools of saltwater in between the sand bars, which proved to be an attractive diversion to the children in our case.

Barbecue facilities and playgrounds are available on the beach itself. It has a significant tidal range, which results in it being quite shallow. Come to Al Wakrah for a walk, a game of catch on the soft sand, a paddle in the water, and a picnic, rather than to go swimming.

Be aware that the beach is a long distance away from the town of Wakrah, so be sure to pack enough of food and drink supplies. Even during weekday afternoons, when shade and parking spots are in short supply, it may be quite crowded. In the event that you attend during a busy time of day, such as a Saturday afternoon, bring your own shade since you may have difficulty finding a place to sit.

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