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Best Kayaking Spot In Bangladesh

We spend a lot of time watching kayaking videos on the internet. We are delighted to announce that the kayaking journey has officially begun in Bangladesh on a small scale, but it is exciting! Kayaking is becoming more and more popular by the day. A large number of individuals are taking part in kayaking to enjoy the excitement of going down the river in a brightly colored boat.

Recreational boating is not a new phenomenon in Bangladesh. While some had the opportunity to really experience boats, the majority of urban kids were simply given the opportunity to compose an essay – “A trip by boat” – without having had the opportunity to do it first hand.

The fact that there is a kayaking system in either Kaptai Lake or Mahamaya Lake may not be known to many people. The city of Narayanganj, which is near Dhaka, also offers kayaking opportunities. Recently, started kayaking in Bashundhara Riverview lake. Dhaka sarighat is a kayaking point that is near Dhaka City. If you want to spend some quality time kayaking in Dhaka, you can go to Demra or Dhaka Sarighat. The fact that you may go kayaking in Dhaka city would take you by complete surprise.

It’s a terrible that the rivers stink so awful, particularly during the dry season, since it means that there is no water sport activity in and around the city, which is where the majority of adventure boaters like to hang out.
Moreover, at a very cheap price! Kayaking is available for $2 per person in Dhaka city!

Kayaking In Bashundhara Riverview Lake, Dhaka

Sarighat (Google Map-Bashundhara Riverview Lake) is a kayaking facility located at the end of the Bashundhara Riverview residential neighborhood, and it has just been opened to the general public. Bashundhara Riverview Lake has a kayaking point called “Dhaka Sarighat Kayaking Point.” In order to go kayaking, you may choose between two and three-seater kayaks.Kashaban and Shapla near the kayaking spot, and a group of ducks is swimming beside them. To summarize, it was a great atmosphere.

From everywhere in Dhaka, you must go to Jatrabari to get to your destination. From Jatrabari to Laguna, you may take the Postagola Bridge for $0.12 per person, and from Postagola Bridge (Buriganga Bridge-1) to Hasnabad, you can use the Postagola Bridge (Buriganga Bridge-1) for $0.12 per person. For Dhaka sarighat, the cost is $0.12 per person.

is a quick and convenient method to go to Dhaka Sarighat Kayaking Point Make a reservation for a vehicle or a cng and spend quality time kayaking. You will be able to come at any time other than this time on Friday, between 2pm and 6pm, Excessive numbers of people gather in this area at this time.

Kayaking costs $1.80 per person per hour for a total of one hour. Kayaking is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kayaking In Narayanganj

It turned out to be a pleasant and thrilling experience to go kayaking on the banks of the Meghna river at Araihazar in Narayanganj, which is close to Dhaka. When the large sand-carrying trawler passed by, the ship rocked in the swells of the ocean below. It’s difficult to go back to where you were before you started.

It seems like the river will never come to an end under these circumstances. It is an exhilarating sensation as you finish kayaking and begin your journey to Dhaka.

Kayaking In Demra, Dhaka

Kayaking is available at a very cheap cost in Dhaka. Located in Demra, one kilometer from from the Konapara bus stop in Demra, the capital, and next to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway, this kayaking spot is ideal for beginners. For information on where to go kayaking in Demra, you may ask locals where the best spots are. A large number of individuals are willing to provide you with the precise location of a kayaking place.

Kayaks for 2-3 persons are available for anyone interested in kayaking. Kayaking will only cost you $2 for an hour’s worth of fun.

Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake

The Mahamaya Lake is situated in the Chittagong district of Mirsarai. In terms of size, it is considered to be the second biggest artificial lake in the country. Its total land area is about 11 square kilometers. The beauty and charm of the Mahamaya Artificial Lake have attracted visitors from all over the world.

In addition to boating, kayaking is permitted on this lake. You may stroll around the whole 8-kilometer perimeter of Mahamaya Lake. Kayaking will be $3.50 per hour for those interested. Kayaking is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Everyday. When riding a kayak, you will be provided with a life jacket, allowing people who are unable to swim to participate.

Kayaking In Kuakata

Kayaking is another activity available in Kuakata. Kayaking is becoming more popular on a daily basis. As a result, you are free to enjoy it whenever you choose. I think it’s just great. With the natural beauty around you, you can simply indulge in your boating passion whenever you want. In Kuakata, Bangladesh, a number of tourism organizations have created the chance for visitors to try kayaking for the first time.

Kayaking In Cox’s Bazar

Kayaking is available for tourists at Cox’s Bazar, the biggest seaside city in the world, where they may learn the sport. Tourists and adventure seekers will be able to try kayaking thanks to the efforts of three young individuals who founded the company “Cox Kayaking.” It is bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by the natural beauty of the mountains. A canal formed as a result of the passage of seawater through the area. It has the potential to be an excellent destination for visitors and environment enthusiasts.

The kayaking will take place on the Marine Drive, which runs from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf, on the north side of the Rizukhal Bridge. Cox’s Bazar is marked with a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) checkpoint at the end of the road. They began with three boats, which was plenty for them. All of these items are imported and totally safe to use. Everyone who kayaks will be provided with a life jacket.

Kayaking In Kaptai Lake

A large number of visitors visit Rangamati Kaptai Lake every day for the opportunity to go kayaking on Kaptai Lake.

In Rangamati, there are a number of kayaking sites and boat clubs to choose from. The most well-known kayak clubs in Rangamati are: Diversity Tours Kayak Club, Rangamati, Kaptai Kayak Club, Polwell Kayak Club, Polwell Nature Park, Rangamati, and Polwell Kayak Club, Polwell Nature Park.

It is situated inside the confines of the famous eatery Beranye Lakeshore Cafe in the Rangamati Bardam neighborhood, which is a short distance away. There are three methods to go to this location. From the entrance of a Rangamati. It is in close proximity to Bardam Bazar. You may get to the kayak club quickly and simply by booking a CNG autorickshaw for $2.50 at the Assambasti cab station.

The kayak club is also accessible straight from Kaptai Island. A private vehicle or CNG autorickshaw from Kaptai New Market, which costs $5.00, may transport you to the kayak club in comfort and style.

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