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Best Kayaking Places In India

Kayaking in India is one such activity that may provide you with the much-needed excitement while also making your vacation one-of-a-kind and memorable. Whether you’re paddling on a lake, a river, or the sea, kayaking off the beaten route in the middle of nature’s marvels allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Kayaking has spread throughout India as a result of the growing demand for water sports by adventure seekers, who have carried it to various states and levels.

However, where are the finest locations for kayaking in India and when is the ideal time to arrange this trip are just some of the concerns that may arise in your mind as you consider your options. Kayaking has been more popular in recent years, and as a result, many locations have begun to provide this spine-chilling adventure sport on a variety of levels. High-altitude kayaking, white-water kayaking, and other kinds of kayaking are available in various locations across the nation.

Teesta River, Sikkim

If you are searching for locations to go Kayaking in Sikkim, there are a variety of options for you to choose from. One of the most suitable locations for this is the Teesta River, which flows through the eastern part of Sikkim.

The Teesta River in Sikkim is a renowned tourist destination that is steadily growing in popularity. If you are one of those visitors who like to avoid the crowds and enjoy the tranquility, then this is the ideal location for you to learn about and participate in the adventure. Kayaking on the Teesta River provides tourists with 2-4 levels of expertise, making it a great activity to take part in when visiting North-East India.

The state of Sikkim offers a variety of exciting activities due to its extensive forest and mountainous terrain, but one of the most exhilarating is kayaking on the Teesta River, which is one of the most thrilling adventure sports in the sikkim.

The happiest time to participate in the activity is from March to May and from October to December.

Backwaters of Kerala

Kayaking in Kerala’s backwaters has long been a highly anticipated and much appreciated pastime for visitors. It is also regarded as one of the finest watersports activities in Kerala by those who have participated in it before. Paddling along its tiny channels under the shade of the palms, which provides a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, is the ideal way to take in the splendor of nature. Not only that, but you can also learn about the little communities in the area, as well as the way of life of farmers, among other things.

The best period to participate in the activity is from September to February.

Ladakh’s Zanskar River

When it comes to kayaking and canoeing in India, the Zanskar River is one of the finest locations to go for the most exciting adventures. If you think that you are an experienced explorer who is capable of overcoming the difficulties posed by this river at such a great altitude, you might consider visiting here during the summer months. You can be certain that paddling through the rapidly flowing water will provide you with an endless supply of thrills and excitement. Kayaking on the Zanskar River is one of the greatest adventure sports because of the dramatic shift in grade from 1 to 5, making it one of the best rapids to experience.

The best period to participate in the activity is between April and mid-July.

Havelock Island, Andaman

The Andaman Sea is the ocean for people who don’t believe in rowing across a lake. You may arrange a good vacation to India to enjoy kayaking while stopping for village excursions, eating delectable foods, and island hopping. You won’t feel alone in the water paddling your way through, with a diverse variety of marine creatures swimming around you. Throughout the year, many people visit the finest locations in the Andamans and end up kayaking in the open ocean. If you dare, give it a go. Havelock Island is the location you should go.

The best period to participate in the activity is from December to February.

Nigeen Lake, Srinagar

This lake is a beautiful place to go kayaking in Kashmir, and it is fairly accessible. This park, which is located on the east side of the city, is a much more tranquil location to rest than the renowned Dal Lake. The lake’s crystal clear, blue waters mirror the everlasting beauty of the vegetation that surrounds it, and it is a lovely sight to see as you look upon it. The region in which it is located is one of the most tranquil locations on the planet, with less turmoil and an abundance of natural beauty. As a result, as you’re paddling your way from one corner to the other, your eyes are also enjoying the moment the whole time. You may even spend the night on a houseboat once you’ve finished your kayaking adventure!

The best period to participate in the activity is from April through October.

Ganges River, Rishikesh

When you opt to ride the waves of the holy river Ganges in Rishikesh, you will be treated to an incredibly spectacular and heart-pounding adventure of 12 kilometers. Kayaking enthusiasts begin their journey at Brahamapuri and finish their journey at the city’s most famous ghat. What distinguishes this location from others is that it provides much more to the visitor than just nature. The ashrams and temples overflowing with joy are among the most beautiful sights to see on your journey there. Kayaking in Rishikesh is an incredibly exhilarating experience.

The best period to participate in the activity is between September and mid-June.

Mandovi, Goa

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable water sports activities to participate in in Goa, and Mandovi is one of the greatest locations to enjoy the activity. If you have already had a great day beach hopping, partying, and participating in other activities, then go to this beautiful location and begin riding the currents of the river.

You will undoubtedly have the best time kayaking because of the magnificent sights you will be treated to during the activity. You may also enjoy the calming beauty of the sunset when kayaking over the Mandovi or the Nerul rivers, as well as the laid-back charm of this town, in addition to Mandovi and Nerul.

The best period to participate in the activity is from November to April.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

The Paradise Beach in Pondicherry, which is well-known across the nation for its eternal beauty, white sand, and paradisiacal vistas, is an excellent place to go kayaking in India and provides a wonderful experience. It is unfortunate that you cannot enjoy the exciting experience all day since the beach is only open from 9 am to 5 pm and permits all water-based sports and activities after taking the nature of the sea and the wind into consideration each day.

The best period to participate in the activity is from October to March.

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