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Summertime Activities in Toronto

Toronto is a cultural crossroads with influences from all four corners of the globe. Summers in Toronto are unlike any other, if you’re looking for some fun in the sun and a chance to say goodbye to the winter. These are the most fun things to do in Toronto during the summer! You can capture them all if you prepare beforehand.

Take a trip to the Toronto Islands.

Most people would be shocked to learn that beaches with white sand and gorgeous water can be found as far inland as Toronto. The Toronto Islands are magnificent manmade beaches that have been known as party islands since their inception. Instead of devolving into depravity like many other party islands, they have evolved into family-friendly resorts with a hint of adult fun. Apply some sunscreen and lay out a beach blanket, and you’ll feel as though you’re on the beach without the expense of travel or the stress of being surrounded by visitors. Beaches in Toronto are enjoyable all year, but summer is when they really shine.

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