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10 Must-See Places in Pakistan

Political instability and security issues have plagued Pakistan for decades, removing the nation off the travel bucket lists of all but the most adventurous travelers. However, Pakistan is currently on the brink of something really remarkable. Because of increased security and political stability, Pakistan has opened its doors to tourists from all over the globe.

Pakistan is a very lovely nation. It’s difficult to imagine a more breathtaking scenery than Pakistan’s craggy hills, secluded settlements, and wind-swept plains. Here are ten of the most gorgeous locations in Pakistan, ranging from rugged mountain passes and surreal lakes to elegant mosques and old castles.


Pakistan’s bustling capital is a must-see destination. It is a busy big metropolis that is really Pakistan’s primary financial and industrial center, but it is also rich in architectural and cultural treasures as well. Karachi is the tenth most populous city in the world and the most populous city in Pakistan.

It is situated on the coast of Sindh province in southern Pakistan, and its attractions include Mohatta Palace, the magnificent Clifton Beach, the striking white marble monument Mazar-e-Quaid, Charna Island, and the Chaukhandi Tombs. It is a popular tourist destination in the region.


one of Pakistan’s most gorgeous valleys Almost certainly, if you live in Pakistan – or have read anything at all about the nation – you have heard the word Hunza. Don’t be misled by the term “valley” – Hunza is really a large region comprised of many valleys and settlements.

People in Hunza are liberal, friendly, and welcoming by nature, and this is no mystery. As a part of the Karakoram Mountain Range, Hunza is home to a number of vibrant and visually appealing settlements.
Aside from orchards and glaciers, there is a river and wooden bridges as well as meadows bordered by steep and snow-capped mountains, among other things.

Witness a mesmerizing sunset at Duikar, a tiny hamlet perched on a bluff above a valley in India. From the tops of the Altit and Baltit forts, you may enjoy spectacular views. Alternatively, you may just walk around the picturesque streets of Hunza and mingle with the people.

Hotels, restaurants, and stores abound in Karimabad, which serves as the valley’s economic hub. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample some delectable local food and browse for lovely handicrafts before you depart.

Lahore Fort

One of the most impressive structures to see in Pakistan is the Lahore Fort. Lahore, also known as Lāhawr in Urdu, is the second-largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the Punjab province. Located 811 miles (1,305 kilometers) northeast of Karachi on the upper Indus plain on the Rvi River, a tributary of the Indus, it is the largest city in the region.

Lahore is not only Pakistan’s second-largest metropolis, but it is also one of the country’s richest and most important cities, according to the World Bank. It is possible to discover a unique balance between contemporary city life and ancient relics at this location.

Visit the Badshahi Mosque, the Sikh Temple Gurudwara, the Haveli Baroodh Khan, the Naqsh Art Gallery, the Wazir Khan Mosque, and the renowned Lahore Food Street, just to name a few of the most notable attractions in the city. The Lahore Fort, which dates back to the 11th century and is an iconic structure of unparalleled magnificence, is without a doubt the most famous site to see in the city.

Badshahi Mosque

A very beautiful man-made attraction If you visit the old city of Lahore, you will be treated to an incredible array of beautiful architectural and historical marvels to marvel at. This mosque, built in the 17th century, is a popular tourist destination. Construction of the structure took place between 1672 and 1674, during the reign of the last great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is a remnant of the Imperial Mughal dynasty period.

The Badshahi Mosque is the second-largest mosque in Pakistan and is located in the city of Badshahi. Originally constructed by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, and subsequently utilized as a fortress by the Sikhs and the British, the Lahore Fort is a magnificent monument that rises majestically in the heart of the city.

The façade of the mosque is constructed of red sandstone and is lavishly embellished with marble inlays of exceptional quality. The whole mosque is beautifully carved with flower patterns that are very stunning to see.


Skardu is a land of turquoise seas, high mountains, gorgeous lakes, and kind people, and it has it all. Make time to see the picturesque Kachhura Hamlet, the Shangri-La Resort, and the sand dunes of Katpana village.
Experience the breathtaking beauty of the dawn and sunset over the Indus River from a unique perspective. Visit the 600-year-old Kharpocho Fort to get an understanding of the area’s history.

Skardu Bazaar is a must-visit for everyone who enjoys shopping and eating. You’ll discover some great local presents for your friends and family back home in this section of the website.

Walking across glaciers to the basecamps of the world’s highest mountains, including K2, is an unavoidable experience for trekkers who like the outdoors. It would be impossible to have a memorable holiday without taking a trip to the bizarre Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake.

Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park, located in the Skardu Valley, is an alpine plateau surrounded by mountains that is home to a variety of wildlife. Because of its strategic position and favorable weather, the park is a haven for a diverse range of wildlife. Here you may discover creatures such as the Himalayan Ibex, the Tibetan Wolf, the Golden Marmot, and the Tibetan Red Fox, among others.

The Deosai National Park in Pakistan is located at an average height of 4,114m (13,497 ft) above sea level and is a part of the Deosai Plains. According to some estimates, the Deosai Plateau and Deosai National Park in Central Asia, which is considered to be the world’s second highest plateau after the Tibetan Plateau, is something right out of a fairytale.

Shah Jahan Mosque

It was at this mosque that Islam in Britain was developed throughout the first part of the twentieth century, and it was visited by many prominent people, including royalty. The mosque, which is now a Grade I-listed structure, welcomes tourists and provides guided tours for groups of people.

It is the major mosque in the city of Thatta, and it is known as the Shah Jahan mosque. Thatta Jamia Masjid is another name for this mosque. The mosque’s magnificent interiors, which are inspired by the Timuri architecture, draw in a large number of tourists each month.

A large number of tiles in turquoise, cobalt blue, manganese blue, violet and white are used in the main dome’s intricate decoration. Besides its vast brickwork, which is built in beautiful geometric designs, it is also well-known.

Karakoram Highway

With a height of 8,500 meters above sea level, the Karakoram Highway (also known as the KKH) connects Western China with Pakistan and is considered the world’s highest paved international road. If you like mountain climbing and exploration, this is the route to heaven. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime road journey for those who like adventure.

Is a two-way road that runs through disputed Kashmir from Hassan Abdal (a small town near Rawalpindi and Islamabad) to Kashgar, in Xinjiang province, Western China. The road is 1.300 kilometers (810 kilometers) long and connects Hassan Abdal (a small town near Rawalpindi and Islamabad) with Kashgar, in Xinji Pakistan is 887 kilometers (551 miles) away, while China is 413 kilometers (257 mi).

The highway connects Kashgar, a city in China’s Xinjiang region, with Abbottabad, Pakistan, and is the world’s longest roadway. This roadway, which was jointly constructed by the Chinese and Pakistani governments, serves as a symbol of the goodwill that exists between the two nations. It is known as the Friendship Highway.


Despite its troubled history, the present and future of Swat Valley are both bright and promising in their own ways. Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region is home to this breathtaking valley that seems like it came right out of a fairy tale.

You may imagine lush green fields and woods, beautiful towns, and rivers with hues of blue that are so brilliant and vibrant you would have thought they were made of glass!

The real splendor of Swat can be found in the area around the town of Kalam, which provides as a base for exploring the valley’s natural wonders. Boyun Village, Kandol and Spindhor Lakes, and Ushu Forest are three locations in Swat Valley that should not be overlooked.


Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, is a beautiful destination for leisure and sightseeing. The city is lush and green throughout, with magnificent roads and highways, as well as a clean, peaceful, and serene atmosphere.

You will have a great time visiting this fairly crowded city. Popular tourist destinations include the Pakistan Monument, the Lok Virsa Museum, and the Faisal Mosque. Alternatively, you may just hike the paths in the beautiful and thickly wooded Margalla Hills and then drive to Monal, which is located at the summit. From this vantage point, you will get spectacular views of Islamabad and its environs. It is an excellent location for taking Instagram photos.

There are many dining choices in Islamabad for the culinary enthusiast. Islamabad’s restaurants provide a diverse range of cuisines, including continental and Chinese fare, as well as Pakistani, American, English, and Italian fare.

Most tourists can’t help but fall in love with the picturesque Lake View Park and Shakarparian, as well as the tiny yet magnificent Saidpur Village. Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall are two of Islamabad’s premier shopping destinations.

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