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Things to Do in Portugal that are Romantic

by Sarahitd

Do you want to surprise your partner?
Are you planning a romantic getaway?
Are you planning to propose to your partner?
Whatever the cause, Portugal is the ideal location to take your romantic getaway to the next level! Let’s have a look at some romantic adventures in Portugal that will take your breath away.

Why don’t you take your love to the end of the world?

The beautifully wild and craggy Cabo Da Roca, surrounded by small fishing communities, is just a few kilometers from Sintra. These windswept cliffs were originally thought to mark the end of the world until the late 14th century. Cabo means lighthouse, and when a lighthouse is visible, there will always be breathtaking scenery. That’s precisely what you’ll find here! As you watch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash against the big craggy rocks, it’s the ideal setting for a romantic evening. Oh! Also, as it is normally extremely chilly there, enjoy cuddling together in your warm clothing.


Spread the Music Frenzy!

Nothing beats spending an evening with friends while listening to some excellent music. Super Bock Super Rock is Portugal’s most popular and largest music festival. Here you’ll find some fantastic performances ranging from rock to hip hop to techno music. If you visit during the summer, you may also attend Sudoeste, a large summer festival held in the seaside village of Zambujeira do Mar.

Sintra is a delightful place to visit

Enter Sintra through the Serra de Sintra mountain range’s woods and be enchanted by its tiny lanes, architecture, and finely constructed mansions. As you go down the trail leading to Moors Castle, you will be surrounded by mist and mild rain. At the conclusion of the route, you’ll come to the Moorish Castle, which was erected by Arabs in the 8th century to keep an eye on the highways and seas of the Atlantic Ocean.

The ruins, which are covered in ferns and moss, will captivate your heart and engulf you in a sense of belonging. A day in Sintra is insufficient; plan on spending at least two days in this breathtaking location.


Take a Sunset Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride around Pena Park

A horse-drawn carriage journey is the epitome of romance! The rhythmic sound of the hooves will enchant you and make you fall in love with the beauty around you as you go back in time on this classic and romantic mode of transportation. This 20-minute carriage trip will take you over the gorgeous green hilltop woodlands of Parque de Pena (Pena Park), which surround the historic Pena Palace, and will be pulled by gorgeous Ardennes horses.

Allow the sight of this dream forest and its lush fern gardens to enchant you and your companion, and let the scent of exotic flowers further enchant you and your companion. When you reach the mountain’s highest peak, you’ll find Queen Amelia’s favorite seat, from where you can also see the palace. At this wonderful location, you can watch the sunset and celebrate love!


Wine and food may be used to create a romantic atmosphere

Raise a glass of great wine and a great array of food to love and togetherness while in Portugal. Begin by visiting Sesimbra, an exquisite hamlet known not just for its dessert wine but also for its delectable seafood.

Spend a day together experiencing Portuguese hospitality, delectable pastries, seeing the town, and visiting vineyards to try the region’s famed Moscatel de Setbal — a wonderfully sweet wine. The Douro Valley, noted for its red wines, notably port wine, is another lovely region well-known for its wines.

Are you ready to go to Portugal to celebrate love?

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