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The Mangrove Forest of the Sundarbans

by Sarahitd

The Mangrove Forest of the Sundarbans Bangladesh, For the finest experience, these are the top things to do.

Take a stroll around the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest.

From Kochikhali to Kotka, there is a route that passes through the rainforest, open fields, and the Jamtola sea beach. This 10-kilometer walk will offer you with a wonderful opportunity to explore the forest. You will enjoy a first-hand personal view of the world’s biggest mangrove forest by just strolling along this pathway. To protect your feet against thorny trees and vegetation, wear covered shoes on this walk.


In the evening, take a seat quietly on a watchtower

A watchtower overlooking an expansive field with delicious water tanks for the animals can be seen at Kotka. In the evenings, animals gather to sip the pleasant water. You may see several wild creatures here if you sit quietly on this lookout in the evening. Also, from this turret, the panoramic view of the forest is breathtaking. This is a must-do activity for everyone visiting the mangrove forest. Because many people cannot climb this watchtower at the same time, going in a small group is advantageous.

A morning boat trip through the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest’s small canals

Hundreds of streams and canals run through the Sundarbans, providing life to the world’s largest mangrove forest. All of the animals and birds go to these small streams and canals early in the morning to drink water and capture prays. Early in the morning, a quiet rowboat trip through these tiny streams and canals may be delightful. This would deliver the ultimate woodland experience. You’ll only be able to see a lot of animals and birds on these outings. To avoid scaring them, you must be exceedingly quiet on these outings. As a result, you should go in a small group.


Inside the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, go to Jamtola Beach

Bangladesh’s beaches are packed. The lone exception is the Sundarbans’ Jamtola beach. Because of the beach’s distant location, few people are able to visit. Jamtola Beach, deep within the Sundarbans and adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, is Bangladesh’s cleanest, loveliest, and quietest beach. You must spend some time on Jamtola beach when touring the forest; it will undoubtedly be a highlight of your Sundarbans trip.

Traveling in a small group is a great way to see the Sundarbans

A proper trip of the Sundarbans is costly. To save money, most individuals travel to the Sundarbans in large groups of at least 40 persons. People on these trips utilize enormous boats to get to the forest and end up seeing absolutely little and being extremely dissatisfied, as these enormous boats are unable to penetrate the woodland’s small waterways due to their shallow draft. Only these tiny canals, where fewer people travel, allow an opportunity to see the majority of the animals.

Take in the beauty of the night sky and the sounds of nature


You’ll spend the evenings on a houseboat parked on the rivers in various areas of the forest each night while exploring the Bangladesh side of the Sundarbans, which covers more than 60% of the forest and is shared by India and Bangladesh. You must sit peacefully on the open deck of the boat on these evenings and gaze at the sky. On clear nights, you can view hundreds of stars across the cosmos and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, go to a wildlife refuge

Sundarbans includes various wildlife sanctuaries, the most accessible of which being Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary. You may see a lot of deer, monkeys, crocodiles, and other wildlife at these sanctuaries. Visiting one of the Sundarbans’ wildlife sanctuaries might be a wonderful experience and a must-do while in the area.

Dolphins can be seen in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

The only site on the planet where Ganges river dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins may be found is the Sundarbans. These dolphins are among the most endangered creatures in the planet. The eastern Sundarbans’ Dhangmari, Chandpai, and Dudhmukhi sections have been designated as a dolphin sanctuary. Stop at one of these locations when visiting the mangrove forest to see dolphins jumping from the sea. It’ll be a fantastic adventure.

Try to Remember: Don’t go on a Sundarbans day excursion! You may wish to visit the Sundarbans fast to save time and money, but it will be a complete waste of both since you will wind up seeing an Eco Park and a Zoo, regardless of what they offer! It’ll be a disappointing woodland excursion. Either do a four- or five-day tour or skip it altogether. Between these two extremes, there is nothing!

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