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Costs Of Visiting Vienna, Austria On A Daily Basis

The expense of visiting Vienna, Austria on a daily basis. How to budget for meals, lodging, attractions, booze, and other expenses.
For its musical heritage, Vienna is renowned as the City of Music. It’s also been awarded the finest city in the world for its quality of life, and it boasts stunning architecture, so it’s no surprise that tourists flock there. While visiting Venice is not inexpensive, it is still a bargain when compared to other major European capitals.

To help you budget for your trip to Venice, we’ve included estimates for food, lodging, attractions, booze, and other usual travel expenditures in this Vienna travel price guide.

Daily Costs Of Visiting Vienna On Average

Vienna costs between €45 and €75 a day for budget-conscious tourists. These rates are based on what you’ll need as a budget traveler to navigate around the city comfortably. Upgrade your lodgings for an additional €60-€145 each night, depending on the length of your stay. Big evenings out at the bar/pub, club admission fees, souvenir/clothing buying, tours, random purchases, fancier cuisine, and so on are not included in these pricing.

In Vienna, The Daily Cost Of Budget Travel Is €68 (Approx. $78).

Attractions: €13 (includes one paid attraction and any free attractions).
€29 for food
€4 for breakfast
€7 for lunch
Dinner costs €14.
€4 for a treat (dessert, drink, or wine).
€2.20 for transportation
€26 for a night’s stay in a hostel.

In Vienna, The Daily Cost Of Frugal Travel Is €43 (Approximately $53).

Attractions: €5 (includes a free walking tour and a visit to one of the free attractions)
€18 for food
€2 for breakfast (free hostel breakfast)
€5 for lunch (street food or takeaway shop fare)
€9 for dinner (make your own meal in the hostel or grab something cheap)
€1.5 for a beer (chill out at the park and have a cold one)
€0 for transportation (walk)
€20 for a night’s stay in a cheap hostel

Museum Prices And Attractions In Vienna

The cost of seeing Vienna’s attractions may add up quickly, especially if you want to see a lot of different things. The city, on the other hand, is stunning, and you could gladly spend your days sipping coffee on a sidewalk café. If you intend on visiting numerous attractions, look into the.

€11-€12 at the Kunsthaus Wien
Kunst Historisches Museum Wien (Art History Museum): €15 Museum of Military History: €6
The Belvedere Palace and Museum costs between €8 and €15, depending on the galleries and sites visited.
Vienna’s Imperial Treasury: €12
€14.20-€17.50 at Schonbrunn Palace
Walking Tours are provided for a fee ranging from free to €50. (A number of thematic tours are available for Vienna, including food, beer, and for the Vienna Opera House)

Food Prices In Vienna

Food in Vienna might be costly in general, but there are still lots of inexpensive alternatives. If you don’t check out the excellent value selections before going out for the day, you can wind up paying more than you intended.

Wiener schnitzel (breaded and fried veal), tafelspitz (boiled beef), and sauerkraut are all traditional Viennese dishes. Fresh food and ready-to-eat foods are available in markets across the city, as well as a genuine Vienna experience.

Many hostels include a complimentary modest breakfast consisting of cereal, bread/croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, tea, or juice (some hostels will offer more and some less). In most situations, hotel breakfasts are costly, so forgo them.

Cafés are frequent and popular in Vienna; the Viennese like their coffee. Espresso, verlangerter (espresso with water, often known as a Café Americano), and einspanner (double espresso with whipped cream) are also popular beverages. Expect to pay between €1.75 and €3.

Breakfast will cost between €1.50 (for a croissant) and €3-€5 (for a full breakfast spread) at Café Merkur or any other hole-in-the-wall café.

In Vienna, lunch costs between €4 and €9.

For a few euros, extreme budget travelers may cook a super inexpensive lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit at any grocery shop.

Fresh food and merchandise may be found in one of the city’s markets, such as Naschmarkt, Brunnenmarkt, or Carmelitemarkt.

Open-faced sandwiches, schnitzel, and fries are available for takeout from small cafés. Depending on what you buy, you’ll pay between €1.5 and €6.

Buffet Colloseum (on Nussdorfer Strasse 4) is acclaimed for its old-school canteen atmosphere and affordable, delicious meals.

In Vienna, Budget Dinner Prices Range From €5.5-€15.

Almost all of the alternatives listed in the ‘Budget Lunch’ section apply to supper as well.
Depending on the kind, traditional Austrian schnitzel will cost between €7.50 and €14.
Again, city markets are an excellent place to go for inexpensive ethnic food (Asian, Greek, Middle Eastern). A dinner at one of Naschmarkt’s stalls costs €5-€8, or €6-€10 at a stand-alone establishment (Maschu Maschu is recommended for falafel and sides).

Wiener Deween is a buffet-style restaurant where you pay whatever you want for predominantly Pakistani cuisine, and it’s popular with visitors and students (buffet is available all day).
Local pizzerias charge between €4 and €7 for a pizza.

Vienna drinks and alcohol prices

A drink will set you back around €3.50.
Beer costs roughly €1 and a bottle of wine costs roughly €5.

Transportation Costs in Vienna

You won’t have to worry about traveling about Vienna because of its excellent public transit system. The city provides a that enables cheap or free access to all of Vienna’s inner-zone transportation networks (metro, train, tram, and buses), as well as discounted or free admission to museums and attractions. By the way, the penalty for not having a ticket is €105… As a result, the risk is not justified.

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