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Things To Do in Vienna : 3-Day Travel Guide

Vienna is one of the most majestic cities in the entire world with no shortage of things to see and do . In this blog we will share with you how we spend three unforgettable days in Vienna. We arrived in the city early in the morning by train and after dropping of four luggage we started off our trip by going straight to Stefan Platz. The central square of the old city Stefan flats is named after st. Stephen’s Cathedral or Stefan stone. By the locals this remarkable church is hundreds of years old and has been an important part of Austria’s history. It’s free to enter the inside of the church and gaze at the gothic Romans architecture of the interior and imagine all of the history .

Day 1 begin in Vienna

That’s taking place but for a fee you can also write a small elevator up to the roof of the church to catch a view of the square in the city. To enjoy the famous colorful roof tiling up close. Once we were finished as stephansdom, it was time to explore the old city by foot. Whether you enjoy shopping or gazing at all the beautiful buildings and statues you can easily spend an afternoon . To an entire day of wandering the streets and soaking in the Viennese life . Within the old church you can check out the anchor clock . Which is situated in the oldest square of the city for markets.


The clock itself is neatly decorated with mosaic in an Art Nouveau style and have twelve o’clock each day 12 figurines representing 12 different historic figures will parade. The clock accompanied by famous songs the figures do take their time . It is charming to watch after enjoying some time in the old city . We were getting pretty hungry so for dinner we went to schweiz a house a gastro garden and the Leo postdoc district or at plastic piano schnitzel. Alright so we had a little bit of this so far and it was amazing but now they’re able to eat a little bit .I was able to push off the side and reveal that action with a nice little section of vegetables.

I got the force of lettuce some cucumbers and even I don’t even know how to describe something or something like that but anyways it’s a pretty yummy. So this is pretty bullying and for some fun in our department now the best part about our dinner is that we are right next to Crouch or amusement park . The park is free to enter and has a timeless feel to it . There are plenty of rides and activities for all ages to enjoy but you do need to pay for any bride you go on the highlight of proximal is the famous Viennese Ferris wheel.By now even Todd and to 1985 this was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world at despite losing that title it is still one of the symbols of Vienna’s charm .

Thanks to its elegant carriages and the late 19th century design helping it to star in many famous movies as the Sun began to set. We finished exploring the park before wrapping up our first day in Vienna . We wake up for our second day in Vienna and decided to start off the day with a nice meal at the delightful central cafe in the old city opened in 1896 central cafe features a gorgeous interior with a series of swooping arches in the ceilings.

As well as a historical background at the turn of the 20th century central cafe became the gathering spot for writers academics and revolutionaries who resided in Vienna . You’ll even find a statue of one of these patrons the writer Peter Elton Boog ready to greet you as you come in to eat .I went with the full breakfast and Dominic one with the healthy breakfast option . We also order the famous cafe melange a cappuccino like drink that is made famous in Vienna to go along with our breakfast .After eating our breakfast we made sure to check out the amazing cake selection to indulge on our sweet tooth .

Alright so after breakfast we decided to get a piece of the cake there is so many selection it took a really long time to decide .We got here is a fun it has apricot and elder berry jam on the inside .We were silly last time we didn’t get a cake so this time we’re making sure we get one . You should try it . Next on our agenda is to check out Hapsburg palace the former residence of the Hapsburg monarchy and now houses the residents and offices of the president of Austria. You can tour the interior the palace to see what life was like as a royal and learn some of the history and to enjoy the splendor of the Hapsburg monarchy.

Since we visited the interior of the palace during our first trip to Vienna four years ago this time we decided to check out a different part of the complex the Austrian national library which is a book lovers dream. The library space is an impressive and wonderful place and features many treasured literary collections that have been collected by the Empire . Heading back outside you have the option to explore the palace grounds along with the variety of world-class museums including the Natural History Museum the National Art Gallery . The Albertan museum containing many works by Monet and Picasso and many more museums found in the museum quarter . You can check my THINGS TO DO IN VENICE, LOS ANGELES

It is impossible to visit all of the museums within this part of Vienna so decide what interests you the most and visit the museum that caters to those interests moving out from the city center. A trip to Vienna is not complete without visiting schönbrunn Palace the Summer Palace of the Hapsburg . Easily recognizable by its iconic yellow exterior and first built in the 17th century . The Schonbrunn Palace is a magnificent and expands the palace with over 1,400 rooms when you visit the palace you can purchase a ticket for a guided tour the inside to see some of the many beautiful rooms of the palace but even visitors on a budget can enjoy a schönbrunn because the incredible palace grounds and gardens are free to explore for everyone.

We spend an afternoon taking a walk around and then climbed up the hill to the Gloria at the top where you can relax and enjoy spectacular view of the palace and the city of Vienna behind it . Day two is a long day on our feet so we went back into the old city center to treat ourselves to another Vienna schnitzel from the restaurant Zurich. Which has a history written all over it too having first opened over five hundred years ago in the year 1447 this is a slightly more upscale restaurant but the attention to detail and the quality really came out in March Nestle with our stomachs full and satisfied .

We took the rest of the evening to wander around again through the old city to enjoy it as a sunset and the beauty of Vienna shined through a lit up City.To start our third and final day in Vienna we decided to explore the Nash map .Over a kilometer long Nash map is filled with all kinds of goods and plenty of food.It is fun to explore all the different stalls and even grab a meal since we arrived at breakfast-time. We chose to have a coffee and pastry after our breakfast . We took a short walk over to the next stop the marvelous Vienna State Opera House. Tours of the Opera House run every hour and are available in many different languages .On the tour we got to see the main concert hall concession rooms , the Emperor’s private room and viewing Suites.

We also not take a look behind the stage to see all the work that goes into making the opera come to life . The tour guys gave a fantastic overview of all the details of the opera house and the rich history of this famous Viennese landmark . Surrounding the historic Old City is the Ringstrasse a a semicircle Grand Boulevard lined with many of the Enna’s most beautiful Civic buildings and museums constructed in the 1860s . On the site of the historic fortifications that are you Stassi was conceived to rival the most beautiful streets in the world . There are special ringstra these trans that offers a guided tour of during stressed but if you want to save money and just see everything without the tour you can hop on to a public trim instead to explore this famous street.

The city hall of Vienna is one of the many famous public buildings constructed during the Ringstrasse a project modeled in a Gothic architecture style. This styling makes the bath houses different from many other buildings in Vienna . Well we just finished taking a ride around our bring stress on the street car and we notice that there’s the it’s a film festival and there’s lots of food news happening here so we decided to hop off and get some food. Also what’s good about this area is that just behind on the other side is the Homburg theater another beautiful building that you can check out.


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