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Day Eleven To Fourteen

Day eleven check out of your hotel take a fast boat to Nusa Lembongan . Check into your hotel and rent a bike for the next couple of days .Take your bike around the island and go and explore There’s so many things to see from Dream Beach ,Sandy Bay , Mushroom Bay and you have to catch sunset at Devils tier on day 12 if you haven’t already you can head over across the yellow bridge to Nusa Ceningan Which is basically the twin island from there you’ve got the Blue Lagoon cliff jump .

You’ve got a sunset at Mahana Point and so many other cool things to do like all liked . we’ve saved one of the best things for last for day thirteen . We’re gonna get on a local boat and head to Nusa Penida which is no more than 30 minutes away . We’re going to check into a hotel and again rent a bike for the next couple of days start off your trip by exploring the east side . Such as angels Bill abong broken beach and clinking welcome to the promised land absolutely perfect an incredible blue waves and the crowds typically don’t make their way down here .

Because it’s actually not that easy to get down so take that as a positive the hard workout also means you get more to yourself and if the Sun hasn’t totally burnt you yet go for sunset at Crystal Bay day 14 let’s not waste our last chance at a beautiful sunrise in Bali wake up bright and early and head to the Mullen Tang tree house on the a2 and diamond beach cliff side.

You could easily spend two to three hours here in the morning or more if you decided to walk all the way down Diamond Beach but one thing to keep in mind is if you’re gonna make it back to Bali you don’t want to miss the last boat. Which as I last checked is around 4:30 p.m. I should also mention that there’s certain points on the island where you can snorkel and dive with manta rays. I definitely would suggest that if you have time.

Guys that is how you travel Bali you want to see my in-depth Travel Guide all my favorite restaurants the best places to go out the best view points and so much more about Bali then check out the link down below is actually a free preview to get you started on your upcoming trip and guys if you enjoyed today’s BLOG hit that like button it means a world to me it makes a huge difference and let’s get lost again in the next one…….


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