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Day Six Plan

Day number six we’re gonna head up north to go to Ulun danu with and on new is this beautiful water front temple where if you get up nice and early you can catch a beautiful sunrise . something we did not get to witness due to cloud cover but it was still incredible. The next stop is just for a quick photo at the Handara Gate in reality this is the entrance to a golf course . So there’s nothing culturally significant about it but it definitely has a way of getting some likes if you don’t get here early there will be a line .

After our quick stop let’s carry on all the way to Sukham pool waterfall , because it’s a massive set of waterfalls.? You kind of need to have a guide you can hire a local guide and they’ll give you a pretty good experience But if you want to experience the lost tour pancha actually has a relationship with the locals in this community and they were able to take me to some of the most incredible spots in Sukham pool . From this incredible Rock Slide a place to do a bit of cliff jumping and a perspective of the waterfall that I had never seen before .

Day Seven Plan

This is by far my favorite day trip in Bali we can head back to Ubud but I want to share with you one of my favorite regions of Ala Bali that most people never get to see . So we’re gonna end our day in a region by the name of Sedemen . Located in the eastern region of Bali . Sedemen is incredibly l aid-back you still see the localculture preserved people working the rice fields. Locals wearing the traditional clothing , it’s a must experience especially if you’re travelling as a couple .

Day Eight Plan

A few really awesome activities that you can do on day 8 are going to be visiting Samsara living if you want to get a fully Balinese cultural experience hit up the river rafting . Which is actually so fun and one of the best ways to view the beauty of Bali and one of my personal favorites making some jewelry with a agung silver. I still to this day wear my ring every single day it’s such a cool experience to be able to craft your own silver jewelry and take home the memory of Bali with you and your day with a relaxed and laid-back sunset by the pool wherever you’re staying.

Probably overlooking a rice terrace this good yeah . My body needs so the names k2 (coconut) it’s lost k2 it no matter where you go on the island it’s 100% safe. You’re always met by the biggest smiling faces your want whoopie pie it is day eight and it’s been a full week of fast paced travel trust me you might not think this right now but you’re gonna want to take a day off you’re gonna want to relax and that is why I’ve chosen to put you in Sedemen . Choose your hotel well and you’ll have somewhere you can comfortably hang out all day. Whether you have a private pool a communal pool just make sure you have a view of that beautiful rice terrace .

Day Nine Ten Eleven

Date number nine we’re gonna check out of our hotel and take a minivan to put on ebay this is where the ferries lead from to go to the Gili islands So we’re gonna go to Gili trawangan which is the main of the Gili islands . it’s the largest it’s the party island but it also has some incredibly relaxing spots to it . So by no means are you forced to go out check into your hotel or guest house stroll around the island by bicycle because there’s no cars on this island only horses and bikes and then from there go and do some snorkeling the entire island is surrounded by beautiful perfect blue water and on most days the visibility is incredible for sunset .

You’ll see many of these beach front bars serving drinks But I really love hanging out by the swing set makes for a good photo some video and it has some half-decent drinks being sold near by Have your dinner at the gili local market and lastly it wouldn’t be a full visit to gili without a proper night out So go and enjoy some live music and probably a very late night date n is going to be an island hopping day pretty chill . You can start off your day whenever you feel like it but most of the boat trips will take you to Gili meno in Gili air the other two Gilley’s and these are some of the really cool snorkel spots .

They’ll take you to right below us is top things I’ve ever shot. Now you come here during the day with a group tour . Other people hundreds of other people also want that shot So the key is to get yourself a boat and come early morning before the groups do .

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