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14 Days in Paradise – HOW TO TRAVEL BALI Part 1

by Sarahitd

If you hear to research your upcoming trip to Bali then look no further. I’ve been traveling through Bali for five years and today I’m putting together the most comprehensive guide to Bali Indonesia the internet has ever seen . You could say I know this place like the back of my hand .Now just about everyone coming to Bali is flying internationally. So you’re probably feeling a little bit jet-lagged .

Day One Plan

So the key is gonna be to take the first day or two pretty easy , I recommend spending the first night or two in either Seminyak or Changu but Chiang is definitely my personal favourite . And it’s also the place that I personally live to get to Chengdu or seminyak is gonna cost you about fourteen bucks . But if you want to see how you can do it even cheaper check out this video link down below . Which ever area you picked there’s so many options for food and all of that will be covered in my in-depth guide.

But if your flight is early enough I recommend spending the first night catching a beautiful Bali sunset. Grab yourself dinner and get to bed early because tomorrow is gonna be a beautiful day . A lot of hotels will come with a complimentary breakfast but in my opinion breakfast is one of the things that Bali does best . Take your pick of the countless restaurants and get yourself an AVO and toast eggs Benny or whatever you’re feeling. You’re likely not gonna be feeling fully energized after what was a long flight.

Day Two Plan

So day two is also gonna be about chilling and hanging out. If you love surf , if this is your first time ever surfing or you consider yourself a beginner brava Beach is a really good place to learn. But if you’re more towards the advanced level you’ll want to head towards Echo Beach . Grab lunch hang out by the pool and for sunset . I’ll give you a couple options either hit up Tanah LO which is this beautiful ocean front temple but for sunset there’s always crowds . or if you’re like me and rather take it easy you can check out one of my favorite Beach bars la Brisa .

Changu and Seminyak are known for their nightlife and together they have something going on e very night of the week. if you’re in Changu then check out old man’s the lawn and if you’re in salmon yak a really cool spot for a late night is lalibela . This is just scratching the surface of the nightlife scene i know about Bali.

Day Three Plan

For day number three grab your breakfast and get started bright and early so that you can avoid the crazy traffic and let’s head down to Ulu Batu Valley. Ulu Batu Valley is without a doubt the beach capital of mainland . Ulu Batu’s blue water incredible surf and jagged cliff sides . it’s one of the top choices for real surfers who are coming to Bali take your pick of the incredible beaches and just hang out for the day . Even if you’re not a surfer this is definitely a worthy stop but if you’re not the type to just sit by the beach all day.

This is a great plan B and that is heading to a day club . My favorite day club on the island is without a doubt Omnia it’s basically a massive Vegas style beach club sitting up on top of a cliff. It’s beautiful for sunset you can either stay at the day club or my personal favorite Korang Boma. This beautiful cliffside is a sudden drop going down to the ocean .

It’s not just a beautiful photo it’s an incredible place to watch the sunset beneath the horizon . If you’re looking for a crazy night out , one of the biggest parties in Bali happens every Sunday at Single fin. Hundreds of people come down to this bar located on the side of a cliff . It can be a really fun night day for if you can handle it.

Day Four Plan

Get up bright and early grab a quick breakfast and head up to central Bali if you do not leave early you’re going to be spending twice to even maybe three times longer traffic gets really bad . Once a new boot check into your hotel for the next two nights . One of the best things about the region is how lush and green it is and with that there’s countless rice terraces and one of the main reasons to come to Bali is that right there countless beautiful waterfalls all over the central and north of Bali . These are some of my favorites each of these waterfalls is completely different from the last and I definitely recommend seeing as many of them as you can .

If you want to know my personal favorites they’ll all be linked in my full guide right here . Our next stop is right here to the Monkey Forest home to a thousand plus monkeys . That are running around jumping on people . You’re supposed to avoid eye-contact but every now and then I like to push my luck lol. After chasing waterfalls hanging with monkeys you’re probably feeling a little bit tired . So head back to your hotel room get all cleaned off take a little bit of a break . And just before sunset head to complain Ridge, where you have this beautiful walkway and it’s one of the best view points for the sunset in Ubud . Set your alarms tomorrow morning we’re getting up way too early .

Day Five Plan

Day five we got to get up before the Sun. Make your way to Tagalalang rice fields . One of the most beautiful places to catch the start of the day . If you don’t start your day here this entire rice terrace will be covered by other travelers . Lining up for swing sets, taking photos and the magic of the region is completely lost . So far we haven’t had much Balinese culture on this itinerary . But a really great spot that’s close to the rice field is Tetra Impul. Bali is primarily a hint to Island and this is one of the places that the Balinese come to purify themselves. One of the beautiful things is they’re more than willing to share their culture and their religion with you . Come and experience a water purification for yourself .

Some of you will decide to grab breakfast but if you can hold off your hunger this is one of instagrams favorite spots Tukad Cepung. Which is a waterfall where a certain time in the morning the light rays start to come through and you get this beautiful lighting that makes for an incredible photo or video by no means a hidden gem Like the many spots I have in my travel guide . It’s definitely a worth while place to visit just try to get there early otherwise the crowds do form.

By now it’s probably only mid-morning but you feel like it’s been almost a full day because of that early start . So head back to your hotel maybe take a nap definitely hang out by the pool and get ready because we’re gonna need to be taking about a 2 hour drive to get to a place by the name of Jatiluwih rice terrace .This is actually a UNESCO Heritage Site. t’s a place where you can see Balinese people still working the rice fields as they have for countless years .It’s an absolutely incredible place that will be catching sunset finish up with a dinner in Ubud and call it a day .

Hire A Driver Or A Tour Guide ?

So how do you get around Bali ? There’s three main ways you can do it. You can rent a scooter for like 4 to 5 bucks a day. You can hire a driver that’s probably going to be about 35 to 40 US dollars for the entire day. You can also hire a tour guide . Big difference between a driver and a tour guide is the tour guide actually gets out of their car shows you around and helps you experience the places you visit .

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